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NextGen Tax Services | We exist to create and educate the NextGeneration of ultra-successful business owners.

Providing knowledge and expertise achieved through over 20 years’ accounting experience, Team NextGen is your partner in building your empire.



About Us

NextGen is a full service accounting agency for small businesses with big goals.

To us, your “Small” Business, is a BIG deal. It’s your passion. Your income. Your legacy.

Here at NextGen Tax Services, we bring the passion for bookkeeping, the hunger for the most innovative tax strategies, and the communication skills to keep you in the loop and without worry to take care of your business’s finances while you take care of your clients.

a true partner

NextGen takes pride in skillfully taking care of your business's finances so you can focus on taking care of your clients.

empire building experts

The same tax strategies that big companies use are available to you too. We’re here to help you make the most of your money, by taking the complicated pieces off of your plate.

A new way to do taxes

we thought accounting needed an update

We needed to swing back into integrity.
Here at NextGen, we’re constantly looking for the NEXT RIGHT STEP. We’re all about getting you the best outcomes, but we’re also about playing by the rules. Financial management can be shady, and we don’t accept anything but the best here.

We needed to reevaluate the how.
Your time is precious and you do not need to waste your time commuting back and forth to our offices. Instead, we meet virtually, allowing you to keep your time for your clients and family, and making sure we’re as efficient as possible.

We needed to build a better team.
They say you’re most like the 5 people you spend the most time with; and we think that goes for the people you work with as well. So we built a team of brilliant women who are passionate about their work, clear communicators, and educated in accounting.

the empire building experts




Cindy brings the right mix of education, experience and enthusiasm to the firm. She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Accounting, and has been a practicing CPA for over 18 years. Her career began with Ernst & Young LLP, a “Big 4” accounting firm, which laid the foundation for her professionalism and work ethic throughout her career.

Cindy has been in private practice for nearly 11 years and attracted a clientele that ranges from Fortune 500 CEOs to NFL athletes to owners of local start-ups. Under her leadership the firm is one of the fastest growing in the area serving clients in 14 states and counting.

When not working she spends her time with her husband of 15 years, Dr. Jonathan McGhee and their two kids. She is generous to local charities and faith-based organizations, and can be found enjoying down-time with family and friends and reading a good book.



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